Surrogacy is among the world’s most precious gifts.

We understand that this wasn’t your FIRST choice.
But we’re here to make sure it’s NOW your best choice!

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We look forward to introducing you to our compassionate surrogates who are highly vetted and screened to fit in perfectly with the needs of your family. We give undivided attention to every aspect of your surrogacy journey, from initial match meeting, to overseeing of contracts, coordination of doctor’s visits, and all the other little details in between. We warmly hold your hand and support you during this special and memorable time in your life!



While speaking with parents across the US and abroad, it became apparent there was a real need for parents who couldn’t necessarily afford to go the traditional surrogacy agency route, but still needed access to the same information and resources a skilled agency would provide. YFA is proud to be the FIRST AGENCY to offer a fully comprehensive E-course that independent parents can follow to navigate their surrogacy journeys with confidence and ease!


“After battling my own fertility challenges, including seven rounds of IVF and surrogacy, and coming out on the other side with our beautiful son and daughter, I felt like I needed to help others, and create a space where there’s no shame or guilt surrounding these challenges… Just a path forward.”



“Megan has the knowledge, understanding, and connections to make an infertility journey much less complicated. Her naturally decisive nature brings calm and confidence to anyone working alongside of her.”

(G.K.) (Mother of Two)

“Megan has the sweetest spirit. She connected with me immediately and was an amazing listener, really understanding how I was feeling.”

(S.P.) (Now a mother of three!)

“Megan is a rare balance of intelligence and heart. Her work ethic is second-to-none and she is a woman of deep integrity. In some of my weakest times, she’s shown up strong!”

(S.V) (Mother of Three)

“I still remember you crying with me when I was scared and distraught about the pregnancy, not knowing whether it will come to fruition, but you offered hope and you told me with conviction that this baby was meant for me and it came true.”

(V.B.) (Happy New Mom)

“Megan has a heart of gold. She is knowledgeable and patient, and I have learned so much from her about the IVF process. Her love for helping other women make their dreams come true is a beautiful thing.”

(R. J.) (Grateful Mom)

“Megan is truly passionate about helping women on their fertility journey. She is great to talk to when going through the TTC process, as she has experienced and gone through a lot in her own process.”

(J.S.) (Happy new momma)