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The #1 E-Course on how to D.I.Y. A Surrogacy Journey

by Megan Edgecumbe, Founder of the Surrogacy Agency, Your Fertility Advocate

Does the thought of investing thousands into a SURROGACY journey and ending up at a dead-end put you into a panic?

I can relate.

I have struggled many years with feelings of despair and longing…trying to grow our family but not knowing the answers, feeling indecisive about the best path forward.

My biggest fear was always “what if”…. WHAT IF, I never meet this baby that I feel is meant to be part of our family? WHAT IF it doesn’t work? WHAT IF I spend my life living in regret?

I want to change that for you.

I want to offer you HOPE and a clear path forward. I want to give you access to all the same information you would receive if working with a top surrogacy agency!

And save the $20,000 – $30,000 in agency fees!

Hi, Im Megan

I am the founder of Your Fertility Advocate, a licensed boutique surrogacy agency with offices on the West and East coast. We match surrogates with parents all across the US and specialize in care that is as personalized as it is professional.

My own decade long journey to grow our family led my husband and I to pursue the help of a surrogate, and now it’s my honor and joy to help others grow their family in this special and unique way.

While talking with parents across the US and abroad, I realized there was a need for parents who couldn’t necessarily afford to go the traditional surrogacy agency route, but they still needed access to the same information and resources a skilled agency would provide.

I wanted to be able to help these parents navigate the path of surrogacy at a fraction of the cost of an agency, so I spent the time to sit down and interview the various professionals involved, and created an amazing resource, my E-course, which is a DIY surrogacy guide that gives you all the tools that you would need to navigate a full surrogacy journey from the comfort of your own home!

Meet Megan 
and learn
more about the E-course!  

Thousands of hours of professional experience jam-packed into this one turn-key E-course!

5 Course Modules

5 Live Interviews

7 Downloadable Guides

Take a Sneak Peek at the E-Course Modules!

Module 01.
How to Find Your Surrogate

Find someone great but not sure if she would qualify to be your surrogate? Don’t waste time chatting endlessly with prospects on facebook – use these resources and guides to quickly narrow down your search for the right candidate for you!

This module covers all the important qualifications plus a large section on how to figure out how much to budget for your surrogacy journey. It also includes four important handouts such as a budgeting worksheet, surrogate interview questions, customizable benefits package and surrogate qualification checklist.

Module 02.
It’s a Match! Surrogate Screening

This module walks you through each step in the process of getting your surrogate fully screened and qualified to become pregnant with your baby such as the home visit, background checks, records review, and medical screening and psychological screenings.

This module also includes TWO LIVE INTERVIEWS, one with a seasoned mental health professional who specializes in surrogacy matches, and the second with a top reproductive endocrinologist who takes us on a deep dive into the medical requirements for surrogates.

Module 03.
Setting Up Your Surrogacy Journey

This module goes into the real nuts and bolts of the surrogacy journey with THREE LIVE INTERVIEWS from various professionals involved including a 20+ year experienced surrogacy attorney, escrow company representative, and health insurance broker. You will be hearing from the best, make sure you have a pen and paper handy to take lots of notes!

Module 04.
Navigating Pregnancy with Your Surrogate

Module 4 is where things really start to get exciting! It’s jam packed with everything you need to know to prepare for the birth of your baby including printable handouts of what to pack in your hospital bag, how to add your baby to your insurance plan, details for calling ahead to the hospital to ensure room arrangements, etc. It also includes a fully customization Pre-Birth Guide that you can fill out with your surrogate to make sure your expectations are aligned for this wonderful day!

Module 05.
International Surrogacy

Module 5 is for my moms and dads from afar, who come to the US to realize their dreams of parenthood. They have a few more things to consider when planning for their surrogacy journey, including international travel, visas and baby insurance. The laws in their home country can be complex, so this module is full of tips to make sure these special parents are extra prepared.

Success Stories

“Megan did a great job explaining all the steps of the surrogacy process. I always felt comfortable and cared for. It’s clear that Megan’s heart is in her work and she truly wants to help make the perfect match for you!”



“It was like a friend guiding me through this process, there to support me. She made the process incredibly easy. I am looking forward to our 1st transfer. Thank you, Megan!”



“This course THE BEST guide you could possibly get your hands on if you are attempting a DIY surrogacy journey.”


— M & C (Intended Parents)

Why this Course is For You:

Meet your future surrogate quickly and easily. Know the right screening questions to ask to narrow down your search efficiently and effectively.

Relax and enjoy the process! The research has been done for you, print out the helpful handouts and utilize them for booking your appointments with doctors, lawyers and other important surrogacy journey stakeholders.

This course provides ALL THE KNOWLEDGE you would gain if using an agency, but at a fraction of the cost. The information is all at your fingertips, for the first time ever!

parents bring home a baby

With something as precious as your future family at stake it pays to know you’re receiving expert guidance and advise from a top surrogacy agency owner.

Surrogacy laws vary from State-to-State, in some States it’s illegal to compensate a surrogate, make sure you are not making a VERY costly mistake!

Health insurance for surrogates is only available once a year, start planning now to save big on future medical bills.

What if she tries to keep the baby…? Know how to protect yourself from hidden risks and the unknowns

The price of missing something critical is high, but the peace of mind this course brings is invaluable!

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We are so confident you’ll love this course, we’re offering you a 100% money-back guarantee within the first 7 days of purchase.

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