Surrogacy, step by step:

Our full service agency program includes finding and screening your ideal surrogate, facilitating your match meeting, and coordinating with the various professionals along the way including doctors, lawyers, escrow holders, insurance agents, delivery hospitals and more!  We empower and advocate for YOU to make the best choices possible, so you can walk away from the experience with a full and happy heart, and a delicious new baby to snuggle! 

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Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry! Start here! Download our free workbook: The Top Ten Things To Know Before Pursuing Surrogacy.

Surro Spotlight!

Angelina, Registered Nurse, Seattle, WA

Angelina always knew she had a heart for helping others and bringing them joy. She loves her job as labor and delivery nurse and cherishes bringing children into the world every day. She and her husband feel their family is complete with their two little boys, but there is space in their hearts and lives to help grow another family through the gift of surrogacy. She is looking forward to meeting that special couple soon!

Photos and bios included are displayed with explicit permission only! We always protect confidential information and take the lead from clients and surrogates in regards to desired discretion, erring on very discreet.

The Yfa difference




YFA is a boutique agency, and it’s important to us to maintain that small “family” feel. For that reason we don’t sign parents up to an endless waitlist, and instead, we only bring on the Intended Parents we feel we could match reasonably quickly with our currently available surrogates. The matchmaking process is very important to us so we take the time to match people organically depending on their viewpoints, location and specific desires. We know your journey has had enough disappointment, so don’t want to waste your time or money on someone who is not the right fit!


Unique Perks and benefits


We believe happy and healthy surrogates grow happy and healthy babies, so we offer special program perks such as our comprehensive Health & Wellness Package tailored to maximize the success of your baby’s gestation. The package includes a consult with a prenatal dietitian, doula support, and extra perks such as maternity massages or chiropractic care. Studies have shown that doula support can reduce labor 25% and the need for a cesarean section by 50%. The happiness and comfort of our surrogates is extremely important to us.



Our founder Megan Edgecumbe has walked in the shoes of many of our intended parents, and doesn’t take any chances when it comes to screening efficiently for the best possible surrogates. Her own experience with infertility has given her expert knowledge and a network of top doctors on the East and West Coasts who she relies on for the latest medical tests and breakthroughs in the world of third-party reproduction. We know how long and painful the journey can be, and we do EVERYTHING possible to make your surrogacy journey a breath of fresh air.

Surrogacy journeys are a significant investment. Raising a child is priceless.

Standard industry rates for surrogacy journeys RANGE BETWEEN $100k-$150K, but the overall cost will vary individually.  Download a copy of our Surrogacy Fee Schedule below for more details.

Various funding options may be available to qualified individuals. ASK ABOUT OUR COMPASSION DISCOUNT.

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Thank you for taking the time to fill out a thoughtful and detailed application. all Submitted applications will be thoroughly reviewed and if we have a surrogate candidate that we feel could be a good fit for you, We will contact you to discuss the process and next steps! (Match wait times are currently 1-3 months Depending on Matching criteria)

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