Join us at W.O.M.B.
Waiting for Our Miracle Baby

W.O.M.B. is an infertility support group by Your Fertility Advocate.
We meet regularly on the West Side of Los Angeles.

Co-founded by Megan Edgecumbe and Rebecca Morgan, two women who have battled an infertility diagnosis and come out on the other side with beautiful children – as well as answers, strength and a passion to empower other women as they navigate their own journey to meet their forever family.

We Understand 

We know that figuring out what may be stopping you from becoming pregnant can be an isolating and defeating experience riddled with doctors and other “professionals” with differing opinions. Often times turning to friends who don’t understand the process can make the experience worse.

Our group is dedicated to being a safe space for sharing, growing and leaning on each other during this trying time. If you have just started trying for a baby, or are many years into the battle, we hope you feel refreshed, renewed and encouraged through our support group.

ComeJoin us!

To be kept updated on our next meeting times and locations or to ask a question, please get in touch heRE.

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