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We are seeking an amazing family in need of a surrogate to have their miracle baby!

Your Fertility Advocate is waiving its agency fee and collaborating with an experienced surrogate to make one family’s surrogacy journey FAR more accessible!

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While surrogacy offers a life-changing answer for so many families struggling with fertility, we understand that its steep costs can take it off the table for many others.

Your Fertility Advocate is on a mission to help make surrogacy and fertility care more affordable for families of all walks of life.

Our vision is that by waiving our agency fee and partnering with an incredible, already vetted and experienced surrogate named Samantha, we can lessen the financial and logistical burden for one lucky couple!

This couple will receive all the support, guidance an expertise from our agency that our other clients do, but for them, it will be pro bono. It’s our joy to give back and do what we can to spread a little happiness!

Meet Surrogate Samantha!

Finding and vetting a surrogate is one of the most challenging and time-consuming parts of the surrogate journey. For this special journey, we have already found her for you and she is AMAZING! 

Samantha is an experienced surrogate and married mom to two sweet kiddos, a boy and a girl. She and her husband Dan and their two kids live in Springfield, Missouri. Sam is active on social media and runs a lifestyle site dedicated to sharing their families’ adventures. You may have already seen her infectious smile on Tiktok or Instagram @wearedanandsam.

During their free time, they love to travel the United States in their RV and give back to their communities. Sam delivered a beautiful, healthy little surrogate baby boy in summer 2022 and is excited to meet the next special couple that she can help bring their little miracle into the world!


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